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Nothing provides the same kind of freedom as an RV. At Lakeview Plantation, we help visitors make the most of that freedom with space, amenities, and service they deserve. When you need a place to park that’s more scenic than the local concrete lot, you can count on us. Stop by our RV park in Fairfax, SC, to take in memorable sights and enjoy the fresh air without sacrificing your comfort.

We host hundreds of people each year as they look for better ways to tackle camping trips, family vacations, and personal retreats. Whether it’s your first visit or a routine you repeat every year, you’ll find open grounds, access to nature, and a team dedicated to maintaining a secure, enjoyable space. Visit today — we’re only ever a road trip away.

Let Us Answer Your Questions

Smart campers always plan ahead. We make it easy to answer questions about lodging, amenities, and more before you get behind the wheel. Call or contact us online to discuss any concerns or opportunities for your visit. We’re happy to help you seize the day with a quintessential camping experience at a unique, unforgettable location.


757 Cedar Knoll Rd.
Fairfax, SC 29827

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Open 365 Days a Year with a Confirmed Reservation