Welcome to Lakeview Plantation, a Spacious RV Park in Fairfax, SC

We’re an RV park in Fairfax, SC, offering camping to horsemen, hunters, vacationers, and retirees. At Lakeview Plantation, you can go RV camping with or without your horse and enjoy our spacious 60’ x 90’ campsites and 60 miles of trails on a year-round basis. Get ready now for your RV vacation.

Horseback Riding at Lakeview Plantation in South Carolina

Lakeview Plantation has more than 60 miles of trails to explore and full-service campsites with corrals, offering the most enjoyable year-round horse vacation in South Carolina. We invite you to come out and enjoy the low country while exploring the well-maintained trails traversing our 2,600 private acres on a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis.

“Hunter’s Haven” Camping between Estill and Allendale in South Carolina

Enjoy your local hunting lease and take advantage of our long-term, full-service camping with additional lodging options, meals, skinning area, walk-in cooler, gun range, shower house, and laundry with shelled corn and ice available to fulfill your needs. This begins at $200.00 per month, or you can book a hunt at our nationally known full-service Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge.

Winter Vacation at Lakeview Plantation in South Carolina

Escape winter snow and ice at Lakeview Plantation. Enjoy the natural beauty of the South Carolina low country while hiking, cycling, birding, fishing, or paddling in our private lake or on the nearby Savannah River. Enjoy local golfing and sightseeing options and take advantage of our long-term camping options starting at under $400.00 per month.

A vacation for the true outdoorsman.
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Our Mission

It has been Hayward and Dona Simmons’ mission at Lakeview Plantation since 1985 to provide guests with a diversion from the rigors of their daily lives in a stress-free, friendly, clean, comfortable, and safe environment. It is the welfare of their customers as a group that is important, not the agenda of any individual. They are dedicated to providing all guests with a quality experience with regard to every aspect of their association with their Lakeview Plantation operations.